ThisWorx | Acquired October 2019* | Automotive

Cleaning Up on Car Vacuums

Increasing ThisWorx Best Seller Rank by 98%


The founder made 100% of his earnout in 2021.


Average daily sales have increased by 8X.


Increased revenue ~785% since acquisition.

The Origin Story

The owner of ThisWorx founded a small brand led by one successful product. Thrasio applied new SEO title tags, creative content, and a hefty marketing push to quickly elevate the brand. Expert brand management and pay-per-click (PPC) initiatives made this brand a runaway success within the first few months post-acquisition. After increasing the ThisWorx Best Seller Rank by 98% in just three weeks, the brand's hero products are now #1 and #2 in certain car-related categories.

The Challenge

When we first acquired ThisWorx, we were neck-and-neck with another brand offering a very similar product. Thrasio needed to identify the competitive edge to our car vacuum.

Deal of the Day

Our $20M Deal Strategy

ThisWorx Deal of the Day (DOTD) turned out to be the brand's first $1M day. Since that first deal, we've built a strategy of running as many DOTDs as possible, supplementing with lightning deals in between. To date, ThisWorx has had six $1M+ days, and made over $20M on deals alone.


Know Your Product's Worth

We increased our vacuum’s price by 17% (from $29.97 to $34.99) to make running our deal strategy possible and drive sales. It also signaled to shoppers that ThisWorx products are built with more quality and longevity than our competitors' products.

Best Seller Rank

More Than Just a Badge

ThisWorx sold more vacuums on Prime Day in 2020 than Thrasio's whole portfolio. We experienced 405% year-over-year increase on Prime Day and now have 47X more reviews since acquisition.


Differentiated From Competition

Our ThisWorx branding refresh included professional photography, upgraded packaging, and strategic copy – proving ThisWorx as the higher quality choice. We've blown past the competition ever since.


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