Cloud Massage | Acquired November 2019* | Health & Home

Kneading Our Way to the Top

Growing Cloud Massage 11x in 2 years


Increased reviews by 1,800% since acquisition


Increased trailing 12-month revenue by 1,100% since acquisition

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Increased trailing 12-month EBITDA by 426% since acquisition

The Origin Story

Cloud Massage had been selling successfully on Amazon for over a year when Thrasio bought the brand. The hero product's unique appeal? Users can enjoy the foot-and-calf massager while sitting up, reclining, or lying down — whatever position they find most comfortable. We built on that success with an all-out marketing strategy to grow the brand.

The Challenge

In order to scale Cloud Massage, we increased inventory and more than doubled manufacturing capacity. We also kicked our growth strategy into high gear utilizing a mix of coupons, Amazon Deals, celebrity endorsements, and pay-per-click advertising efforts.

Extreme Coupons

Clicks Not Clips

We started offering coupons for Cloud Massage right away. The strategy worked. The deep discounts incentivized conversions, and the brand’s sales velocity increased enough to make the product eligible for Amazon Deals. The brand's Best Sellers Rank improved significantly, it nabbed the Best Seller Badge, and then Cloud Massage was off to the races.


Premium on Parade

New photos, videos, and branding took Cloud Massage from being a well-liked product to a premium, Thrasio-worthy brand. With a fresh new logo, updated color palette, and messaging focusing on the product’s versatility, the brand began climbing the ranks in health and household categories.

Product Launch

Preparing for Liftoff

Thanks to Thrasio’s Product Strategy & Development team, Cloud Massage will debut a new massage product in 2022. The new version is more technologically advanced, with a new user interface, soft-touch buttons, an auto-stop feature, and a remote control.

Direct to Consumer

Omnichannel Opportunity

Over on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) side, we invested heavily in paid search, paid social, SEO, email campaigns, and affiliate marketing. The investment paid off. Sales on the brand’s site jumped from $100K in annual revenue to over $100K in weekly revenue. In 2021, the brand's DTC sales revenue on Black Friday nearly doubled its DTC earnings on the same day in 2020.


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