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Drawing on the Art of Amazon

Growing Crafts 4 All 3 Times Over in 2 Years

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Crafts 4 All products have multiple Best Seller Badges


Increased EBITDA by 148% within 2 years of acquisition

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Grew revenue about 90% within 2 years of acquisition

The Origin Story

When we purchased Crafts 4 All, the hero product was already #1 in its category on Amazon. Thrasio built on that position by improving the brand's creative, investing heavily in pay-per-click marketing, and expanding the product line. Our supply chain team also went to work to ensure the brand never ran out of inventory – no small feat given the spike in demand caused by COVID-19.

The Challenge

Crafts 4 All presented a classic supply-and-demand challenge, but COVID-19 was the real hurdle to overcome. We dug deep into the manufacturing process and quickly found we'd need to shore up the brand's supply chain to ensure we could continue to make products no matter what disruption came next.

Inventory Investment

How we kept the momentum going

We leveraged the data and learnings from early COVID-19 supply chain scarcity into our forecasting for the 2020 holiday season. No longer constrained by on-hand inventory, we were able to sell freely in Q4 — pushing promotions and PPC for a sustained increase in sales continuing into 2021.

New Category

We packaged our top products to fit into a niche subcategory, which made it easier to consistently maintain top rank.

What can we say? We like being #1.

Expanded Product Options

We launched an additional variation to the hero product. Offering three different sized kits at three different price points within an established listing drove sales with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

Creative Updates

Our updated branding added color to the packaging (and therefore the listing photos). Not only did the products stand out in the search results, they also made the kit a more giftable item. Our paint sets were one of the top-performing products in Q4 2020.


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