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Rousing Success

Driving Well Over $6.3M in Revenue from PPC

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Brought in $6.36M in PPC (pay-per-click) revenue in 2021


Increased average conversion rate across all brand listings on Amazon by 57% within one year of acquisition


Expanded review volume by 72% in 2021

The Origin Story

The founder of Snuggle-Pedic was a chiropractor-turned-entrepreneur who wanted to help his patients who suffered from chronic pain. After years of treating people with neck, back, and shoulder aches, he saw an opportunity. He designed pillows for optimal comfort while people slept, giving them healthier and more satisfying shut-eye. What was most impressive to us, however, was what set Snuggle-Pedic apart: a hero body pillow selling on a hot streak and standout features like Kool-Flow™ Tech, which allows air to travel through the pillow to help keep you cooler and sweat-free.

The Challenge

When Thrasio bought Snuggle-Pedic, we knew that staying atop the market would be a pillow fight. Why? The foam and fabric in the brand’s pillows are manufactured in the U.S. – which drives up both cost of goods sold and price points. We had to prove to customers that these pillows were worth the extra money by showcasing what makes them unique.

The Challenge
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Targeted Strategies

Picking Up on Snooze Clues

Customer reviews gave us insights into why people are softies for Snuggle-Pedic. The resulting brand strategy highlights the qualities customers want and love in the product line: the body fit of memory foam, the customizability of pillows shipped with an additional bag of fill material, and better breathability from covers with Kool-Flow Tech™. Even the Sandman would shell out for such luxuries.

Enhanced Listings

A Night-and-Day Difference

Our creative team saw the brand’s star potential. Armed with a new SEO strategy, copywriters optimized listings and applied long-tail keywords. Team members added high-resolution photos and designers created graphics to show what sets Snuggle-Pedic pillows apart from competitors and how they support more comfortable sleep. The body pillow listing in particular saw improvements, including a 47% increase in sessions and an 18% jump in conversions within a year from acquisition.

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Primo PPC

How We Rise and Shine

Attracting bigger squads in the land of nod also means being everywhere potential customers are. Our PPC strategy allows us to be highly visible on Amazon. In addition to running Top Deals and Lightning Deals, we constantly strategize to be competitive in sponsored posts.

The result? Snuggle-Pedic regularly nabs top spots in search-results pages and frequently appears in Amazon’s “highly rated” products section. And the best part: we saw a 50% year-over-year increase in paid revenue from January-May 2021 to the same period in 2022, while PPC spend decreased 10% – highlighting our increasing efficiency.

Hero Boosts for the Holidays

Stirring Up Success

Heading into the Turkey 5 – Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday – we focused on improving performance for hero listings by investing more resources into PPC, coupons, and affiliate promotions. The push positioned the hero listings on page 1 for priority keywords and drove a 369% increase in year-over-year revenue for that period. It also paved the way for a successful Thanksgiving Day Lightning Deal and better post-T5 daily profit.

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